We are proud of our place in Estes Park history

In case you hadn’t noticed from all the antiques and collectibles decorating our walls, we are extremely proud of the Grubsteak’s place in the region’s history. We’ve stayed true to the old-time character of our vintage building with food and atmosphere that celebrate what’s great about living in the Rocky Mountains.

grubsteak estes park history

Estes Park Then and Now

estes park hospital

A Hospital Then – 1935

The building was built in 1908, becoming Estes Park’s first bowling alley. In 1929 we were Estes Park’s first hospital. Then it was Mame’s Beauty Parlor for more than 20 years. A succession of gift shops and restaurants followed, including Granny’s Grubsteak, Isabella Bird’s (named after the famous explorer who visited Estes Park in 1873) and the Grubsteak, which opened its doors in May, 1990 by Steve and Sharon Moritz. Allie Jones acquired the restaurant in September 1994 and owned it for just over 20 years.

grubsteak restaurant 2013

The Grubsteak Today

The current owner, Matt Garcia, purchased the restaurant from Allie in January 2015. He grew up in Estes Park  and worked for Allie for 10 years. Matt has truly worked his way up through the restaurant learning every job from dishwasher to cook to server to manager. Eva and Matt have two children, Karina and Joaquin and they look forward to being leaders in Estes Park, and to continue to serve delicious food to locals and tourists.

The entire staff of the Grubsteak truly hopes you enjoy your meal and return to see us again! Many thanks!